We Are Canada’s
National Icebreaker Centre


Icebreaker Center

Polar Icebreaker

Why Davie is Canada’s National Icebreaker Centre

Davie is Canada’s polar hub. Building ships for the Arctic is in our DNA. As we chart a new course with the National Shipbuilding Strategy, we are proud to have been chosen as Canada’s partner committed to delivering the entire ice-capable fleet.

Davie will deliver a multi-ship icebreaker pipeline

Program Icebreakers

Davie will construct six heavy Program Icebreakers (PIBs), with work expected to begin in 2024 and to complete in 2041. The PIBs will be the CCG’s backbone icebreakers with capability and capacity to meet current and far future needs. They will be able to operate in severe conditions and support missions during the winter ice season as well as summer expeditions to the Arctic.

Polar Icebreakers

Davie is Canada’s only shipbuilding facility with the capacity, infrastructure and experience to begin work today on the world’s most powerful hybrid diesel-electric polar icebreakers. Davie has pledged to deliver the first of two polars, the replacement for the CCGS Louis St Laurent, 2.5 years ahead of the current schedule.

How the National Icebreaker Centre will work

Customer Needs 

  • Early identification of icebreaker trends and opportunities to benefit our customers
  • Deep understanding of what constitutes competitive, value-added and cutting-edge icebreaker technologies
  • Robust, trust-based collaboration with our customers


  • Decades of knowledge of federal contracting process to ensure a smooth and expedited process in delivering critically needed vessels
  • Identifying risk with focus on creating value for our customer
  • Track record of delivering complex icebreaker projects

Design & Development

  • Deep engineering experience to create best-in-class, safe and upgradable icebreaker products
  • Investment in latest technologies and capabilities
  • Canadian and international partnerships on world-class icebreaker design and other key capabilitie


  • Leverage Canada’s largest and highest capacity ship construction facility
  • Continuous investment in facility, equipment, new techniques
  • Focus on operational leadership – safety a key priority

Delivery & Life Cycle Support

  • Responsiveness and proactivity to ensure efficient delivery
  • Track record of delivering complex projects on time, to budget
  • Proven pedigree in repair, refit, conversion, upgrading